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quantity / subtotal of matching products (PRO) Set Auto Coupon priorities (Useful for Individual Use Only-coupons) (PRO). On the Usage restrictions tab: Set minimum spend.00 and check the. Entered without a currency unit or a percent sign, which are added automatically,.g., Enter 10 for 10. Function global_discount global woocommerce; coupon 'your-coupon-code-name / We'll add the coupon code the first time. Sperling for the german translation) FIX: Apply auto coupon if discount.00 and free shipping is ticked.1.3 Dont apply coupon if the discount.00 Allow applying multiple coupons via an url using.1.2 Minor change to make the plugin compatible with WooCommerce.

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To add a coupon: Go to: WooCommerce Coupons. Example: Auto coupon, let the customer have a discount.00 when the cart reaches.00. Moved other items to the Usage restriction-tab FIX: Issue with Allow discount on cart with excluded items FIX: Notice if a free product without weight is added/removed to/from the cart FIX: Deprecation notice in internal: Introduced allow_overwrite_coupon_values.4.3 FIX: Customer selector WooCommerce.0.0 compatibility FIX. Go to: WooCommerce Settings General and tick the checkbox to, enable the use of bundle stars discount code coupons. Backwards compatible with older WooCommerce versions (2.6.0 confirmed).

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woocommerce coupon

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