discount eurail tickets

the unlimited train rides, unlimited distance and unlimited flexibility that a pass give you, you can save a lot of money by buying cheap train-specific advance-purchase tickets instead. For travel on longer -distance trains between cities, here is my rough - but actually pretty accurate - rule of thumb: In Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark most of central eastern Europe, seat reservation even on longer-distance inter-city trains is optional. Don't worry that it says InterRail when your pass is a Eurail as the reservation is exactly the same for either pass type. Back to top Sweden Eurail passes give unlimited travel.

So if you have bought a pass thomson airways discount code which covers Italy and Switzerland, but not Austria, and you want a quick side trip from Zurich to Innsbruck, in principle you'd need a ticket from the Swiss border to Innsbruck and back. . Note that ÖBB now only require a 2nd class ticket or pass for a deluxe sleeper, contrary to what the German Railways website shows. However, don't expect travel insurance to bail you out of every missed connection, see the advice on missed connections here. . Back to top Slovakia Eurail passes give unlimited travel. If you fly you must factor in the significant extra cost of airport transfers baggage fees. .