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2012 Japanese study involving 32 post-menopausal women split into three groups, those who took high- dose curcumin supplements had the same improvement in artery flexibility as those who did aerobic exercise. Canust stir IT into food? We know this amount may have beneficial effects and doesnt cause known downsides such as reduced iron absorption and gastric reflux. So which are going to leave you glowing and which were little more than fools gold?

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What doesnt IT work FOR? Despite the fat content, its broadway student discount a low-calorie wholegrain treat. Golden Greens organic turmeric with ginger and black pepper. Not too long ago, this golden spice was just another powder at the back of the cupboard. 12.99 for 100g, Turmeric Black Pepper Popcorn, active dose of turmeric? About 240 people were involved in the study and, after nine months of treatment 16 per cent of subjects in the placebo group were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but none in the curcumin-treated group.